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Intercompany Ordering & Invoicing for Sage Evolution

Intercompany ordering & invoicing for Sage Evolution


1         Key Features

  • Purchase order to sales order automation
  • Sales invoice to purchase invoice automation
  • Location independent (databases do not need to reside on the same server nor network)
  • Price request updates
  • Can also work between non-related Evolution databases



2         Purchase order automation

  • Purchase order updates can be pushed back to the sales order
  • Sales order updates are updated back onto the purchase order
  • Price request option can be enabled, to request the prices from the selling company, with automatic updates onto the purchase order


3         Sales invoice automation

  • Sales invoice sent to purchasing company
  • In purchasing company, sales invoice is recorded in one of the following ways:
    • Confirmed quantity on the PO
    • Goods received voucher on the PO
    • Supplier invoice

Brochure: Intercompany Module