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Business Intelligence Centre Report Development

We have excellent report-writing skills. We can amend existing reports (BIC as well as Evolution Report Writer) as well as create them from scratch. We are fully capable of even complex scripting, and can therefore extract /combine / manipulate data from any table – In a nutshell, any information that is inside Evolution (or in one of our integrated Applications) we can get it out for you, into a professional-looking clear report, in the format that you want it.

Some examples of reports that we have written are:

  • Consolidation reports (from multiple Evolution databases)
    • Calculates investment entries based on Net Equity method
    • Caters for multi-currency consolidations
    • Generates Adjustment and Elimination sheets to easily make consolidation adjustments and eliminations
  • Project Information Management Pack
    • Income Statement & Balance sheet viewable per project, in 3 currencies at the same time, with automatic translation reserve calculations. We also have a simplified version of this in-depth reporting pack.
  • Average Payment Term and Average Weighted Payment Term Reports
    • See how long each customer takes to pay you, on average, weighted according to the value of the payments.
  • Gross Profit / Cost Price Calculation Reports
    • Including when costs are not directly allocatable and need to be allocated by ratio (e.g. freight cost for a whole ship, import costs etc.)
    • Also based on projects
  • Custom Sales Reports and Dashboards
    • From layout changes to additional data (whether from Evoluton or from added functionality developed)
    • Includes graph of products, project-based pivot tables, client sales reports based on projects.
  • Incident Overview Report in Pivot table form
    • Excellent for incident tracking; client can see the overall number (and type) of incident within particular time periods, and drill down further on it. Customer support businesses use it to track type of query their support teams get most often; businesses also use it for complaints monitoring, to improve their service.
  • AR & AP Transaction Reports
    • Including the opening balances, transactions and closing balances per period for foreign customers and suppliers.
  • VAT Reports in Foreign Currency
    • Uses the actual transaction date currency exchange rate but can be amended to use period currency if client requires
    • Often required by multinationals
  • Supplier and Customer Overview Reports
    • Customised according to client’s preference, e.g. showing UDF’s or balances / balance movements.
  • Uncluttered Audit trail report
    • see the main changes on a supplier record, unhampered by ‘normal’ updates such as the balance changes due to daily processing (Evolution standard report includes everything).
  • Reports that Pre-fill existing company reports
    • Often companies need to submit entire Company Report Packs in a pre-existing fixed format in Excel. We use BIC to pre-fill the data from Evolution into the correct spots in these reports.
  • Reports that generate journal batch import files to automate transactions
    • This can be used for a reclass of balances based on a rule set
    • For example: a company has a segmented GL structure, where one segment has the Opening Balance (OB), another segment has Additions, another segment is Disposals and so forth. Then the next year, all the balances in the non-OB segments need to be moved into all the OB segments. We run a report that generates the necessary transactions in a journal batch that can then be imported.
  • Using BIC to feed up-to-date Evolution master records to external applications, which can then generate information to be imported back into Evolution
    • For example: a company has a branch that does nothing but invoices; however, they do not want that branch to login to Evolution at head office to make these invoices, for various reasons (e.g. poor internet connectivity, or security, etc.). We wrote an Excel Invoicing Application for the branch. To this app, BIC supplies up-to-date master records from Evolution at head office for customers, inventory items, pricing (per customer!) daily. The invoices are made in the app using this information. The app then generates a file that can be imported into Evolution as invoices.